“How to Thrive, Not Merely Survive, As An Artist/Craftsperson"
Bruce Baker
Saturday, April 7, 2018
9:00 - 5:00
Keene, NH

Class description:  This workshop is designed for art/craft professionals who want to compete successfully in today’s art field. The purpose is to help artists identify and overcome barriers that keep their businesses from running at peak performance.  

Don’t miss this event if you are ready to:
Better present yourself as an artist.
Design your booth or exhibition space to encourage sales.
Increase potential sales at your next event.
Thrive, not merely survive, as a professional artist.

The two topics we will be discussing are:

Sales and customer service.  How to convert lookers into buyers, and to get more out of each sale. Creating a repeat and loyal customer base is the goal.  Learn the language of a good sales person!

Tradeshow booth design.  Focusing on booth design and merchandising techniques.  This topic covers from table top displays to effective use of 10 by 10 spaces as well as the value of point of purchase displays for exhibitors.

Please email rivervalleyartisans@tpdi.biz for a registration form or click here for either workshop form:  RVAWorkshopForm

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“NightScapes in Pastel”
Christine Ivers
Saturday & Sunday— June 23 & 24, 2018
10:00 - 4:30
Stone Arch Village Community Room,  835 Court Street, Keene, NH

Class description:   “NightScapes in Pastel” - This is a two-day workshop that explores texture, temperature and the medium of pure pigment. Students will have the
opportunity to paint from their own photos or photos that will be available. They will also be able to purchase pre-prepared boards that incorporate the surface that I work on. All levels are invited.


Please email rivervalleyartisans@tpdi.biz for a registration form.