Don Chase 

Don's intention artistically is to enhance the natural beauty of locally harvested wood and expose it in a way for others to identify with and appreciate the pieces he has created.  He personally harvests the wood from his property and mills it with his small band saw mill.  Bristle-cone pine harvested from the Colorado Rockies is very much a part of his current work as well.




Moon Over PinesMoon Over Pines

Kristi Dompier

Kristi Dompier is a self-taught artist who paints on the northern shore of Spofford Lake in New Hampshire. Her search for color and light is evident in all of her work.




Jim Lambert - Multi-Media Artist (painting, photography, book making, book-making demo)

A native of Marlborough, NH, Jim enjoys  making art and the creative energy that comes from it.  He is always learning and experimenting with different media, styles and subjects.  An experienced world language teacher, now retired, and a juried artist, Jim believes in encouraging others to plunge into their own creative worlds.


Deborah & Randy Merchant -Handwoven Originals and Vintage Fabric Creations and Fine Art Paintings and Prints



Jeanne Smith

Jeanne says, "I work as an emergency room  nurse full time.  I have a creative spirit but can not work in only one medium so I present Cement leave sculptures, recycled silver plated flatware into a cornucopia of jewelry items, cold processed soaps, refurbished wool sweaters into lined mittens, Knitted cowls and more.

Jen Smith

Jen Smith has been making jewelry on and off since the mid 90's working with different mediums. She likes to make bold, one of a kind pieces of wearable art.  

While studying Art History at Plymouth State University, Jen became interested in jewelry making and it became a way for her to express some of her artistic talent and earn a little money.  

Jen currently lives in New Hampshire and works as a Licensed Nursing Assistant.