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Andrea & Jim Lorette - Jayelay Jewelers & Rare Material

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Andrea Lorette - Jayelay (JLA) Jewelers - hand-forged jewelry made of precious metal, real gemstones, shell, and crystal. 

Jim Lorette - Bunny Boogie - prints of original bunny and wildlife sketches on skin care and gift items.
Rare Materials - Custom woodworking featuring specialty moldings, carvings, secret compartments, and rare materials.

The making of Orrery video and the making of a necklace video below.

Rare Material Orrery in the making video

A necklace in the making video


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Jayelay Jewelers Slideshow

Hand-forged jewelry video










 Custom Woodworking with Hidden Compartments                    

Meditation PanelMeditation PanelPENTAX Image Mystery Treasure BoxMystery Treasure Box