Wicked Glass - Judith Bosies

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Judith Bosies grew up in the Monadnock Region and has always had a love of art and color.  She attended local schools and received a business degree from Keene State College and pursued a career in the insurance industry.  She held a management position with Liberty Mutual Insurance company before retiring after 40 years in the business in 2019.  It was in retirement that Judy was able to pursue her lifelong passion of being an artist.  It was at a studio at 17Rox Artist studios that she was able to determine what kind of artist she wanted to be.  The free time offered out of retirement gave Judy the hours to explore the alternatives that working with glass can afford.  It was her work with broken glass and resin that was embraced and provided the most beautiful and endless possibilities.  Judy formed Wicked Glass Art and over the past three years she has developed her work and now includes offering classes for the community so that they can realize the reward of creating a beautiful, meaningful masterpiece while recycling and repurposing old and tired items. Over the past two years over two hundred classes with close to 1000 participants have been held, creating approximately 1000 pieces of unique, beautiful glass art pieces out of tons of recycled glass.   Photographs of all classes and pieces made by participants are available for viewing on my Facebook page @ WICKEDGLASSART