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POOCHAM HILL WINERY  | 226 Poocham Road  |  Westmoreland, NH  03467

603-399-4496  |  [email protected]  |  www.poochamwinery.com  |  603-399-4496

Available by appointment, selling wine bottles purchases (individual or by the case).
calls welcome between 9am and 7 pm

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Poocham Hill WineryPoocham Hill Winery Poocham Hill WineryPoocham Hill Winery Mame Odette Robbins shows off fresly picked Frontenac grapes at the Poocham Hill Winery. She and her husband Steve Robbins own and operate the new winery in Westmoreland which will be having its grand opening on the River Valley Artisans Tour.


'La Crescent' wine grape.'La Crescent' wine grape.'La Crescent' grape developed by the University of Minnesota. Makes a semi-sweet wine with citrus and tropical fruit aromas. Cold hardy in Minnesota, released in 2001. Agricultural Experiment Station project #21-016, "Breeding and Genetics of Fruit Crops for Cold Climates," principal investigator: James J. Luby. Peter R. Hemstad, scientist, grape breeder.