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226 Poocham Road  |  Westmoreland, NH  03467  |  603-399-4496 

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Selling wine bottles purchases (individual or by the case).
calls welcome between 9am and 7 pm

Poocham Hill Winery's vineyards have expanded over the last 18 years to 1,700 vines on five acres. Over the years we have settled on nine varieties of hybrid wine grapes, four whites and five reds, that grow and mature well in our southwestern New Hampshire location on the hills above the Connecticut River. Yes, it is all about the grapes. Our intent is to produce the best possible wine from the cold climate wine grapes we grow. Each of our wines has a distinct character created and preserved through careful growing, hand harvesting and attentive fermentation.

Our winery and tasting room are located in our 1830 vintage barn on our 154 acre farm. We are well off the beaten path, on a dirt road with views of Vermont.  We invite visitors to come explore our vineyards and taste our wines. You might find similarities with familiar varieties you enjoy, but each of our wines is unique. We think you will be pleasantly surprised with their complexity and flavors.

We hope you will find the time to come visit during the River Valley Wine and Art Tour. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.


From Rt. 9, turn on to Pond Brook Road go about 1/2 mile and turn right on Poocham Road to Poocham Hill Winery on your left (right across from Cross Road).

From Walpole: Rt. 12 South (5.1 Miles), take a right on Rt. 63 (2.3 miles), right on River Road (2.1 miles), left on Poocham Rd. (1 mile), arrive at winery.

From Keene:  From Rt 9/101/12 intersection, take Rt. 12N 6.3 mi., take left on to S. Village Road go 3.7 mi., left on  Rt. 63 go1 mi., right on Butterfield Hill Road, go 1 mi. and take left on Paine Rd, go 1 mi. take left on Cross Rd. to end .2 mi.

From Brattleboro, Vt:  From 91 take Exit 3, go through roundabout, take NH Rt. 9 East 2.5 mi., take left on Brook Street, go .6 mi., left on Main Str., .4 mi. turns into River Rd. Go 6.5 mi., right on to Poocham Rd. 1 mi.









719 Rt. 12  |  Westmoreland, NH  03467  |  603-852-8025  |  [email protected]  |

Open from 11 am - 5 pm both days for tastings, glasses of wine, and wine bottle purchases (individual or by the case). Open 3 days a week year round.

The Summit Winery sits on 80 acres in the town of Westmoreland, NH which is located just five (5) miles outside of Keene, NH. On February 12, 1752 John Chamberlain, one of the original grantees of the town of Westmoreland, drew “Lot No. 3, 5th range 2nd division and named it the Summit. John Chamberlain later joined the continental army and fought at the battle of Valley Forge. He did survive the harsh winter of 1777 and returned to Westmoreland and resumed farming. The original foundation of the farmhouse (circa 1800) can still be seen at the bottom of the vineyard. In the mid 1960’s, Niles and Katherine Aldrich disassembled an 1856 tobacco barn located in Walpole, NH and reassembled here on the current site.

This once tobacco barn, turned gift barn was then transformed into a one of Westmoreland’s favorite restaurants and is now one of New England’s top Wineries to visit. The Summit Winery hosts grape varietals sourced from the US and around the world and soon its own vineyard.  Darren and Judy Horn have been making great wines for many years. Many thanks to all  family, friends, and the good people of Westmoreland for all of their encouragement in allowing us to share our wines at a professional level.

Come enjoy wine tastings and take in a one-of-a-kind view.  Wine tastings and tours are offered each weekend for the real wine enthusiast.


From Keene NH:  go 5 miles North on Route 12. Summit Winery is on the left (after you crest the top of the hill).

From Walpole NH: go 10 miles South on Route 12.  Summit Winery is on right (as you come up the hill).



Directions from Poocham Hill Winery to the Summit Winery

Take Cross Rd. - go 0.2 miles;  Go Right on Paine Rd. - go 1.3 miles;  Bear Right on Butterfield Hill Rd. – go 0.9 miles

Left on Rt. 63 - go 0.9 mile;  Right on S. Village Rd. - go 3.7miles;  Right on Rt.12 – go 1.4 miles;  Summit Winery on Right


Directions from Summit Winery to Poocham Hill Winery

Left from Summit Winery onto Rt. 12N - go 1.4 miles;  Left onto S. Village Rd. - go 3.7 miles;  Left onto Rt. 63 – go 0.9 miles

Right onto Butterfield Hill Rd. – go 0.9 miles;  Bear Left onto Paine Rd. – go 1.3 miles;  Left on Cross Rd - go 0.2 miles

Arrive at Poocham Hill Winery